Mudshot at Fabiani has started a new project. Taking place on the last Friday of every month, Last Friday Sessions welcomes any and all acts who wish to showcase their musical abilities. The first of which, on Friday 26th of May, welcomed Paul Hennessy and Paul Gurney, Painted Skies and Sean Rooney.


 Paul and Paul performed classics from Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Elton John. All coffee drinking was put on pause as everyone was left in a trance during Can't Help Falling in Love (that's a personal favourite) and My Way. These two guys got the ball rolling and closed the gig. Such talented, experienced men, and pretty good at getting a laugh out of everyone any opportunity they got. 





Painted Skies, a longford based band who perfomed both cover pieces (who doesn't love Ed Sheeran and Beyonce?), and original songs. We are so impressed by this young group, and we can definitely see them getting far with the talent they have. You may see a return from them to LFS in the future...  






Sean perfomed both original songs and a rendition of Last Request from Paulo Nutini. Along with Adam from Painted Skies and the two Pauls, Sean closed the gig with My Way by Frank Sinatra, hitting those harmonies hard. This guy has got serious cool vibes and cool shoes which we can for sure appreciate.




The first Last Friday Sessions was a huge success, and we are already super excited for the next one, and all the ones to follow. Make sure to check out our Facebook for regular updates about what's taking place every 'Last Friday'. Why don't you Say You'll Come? Each performer brought something different but something to be greatly lauded and we thank these three acts for sharing with us their music.